Frequently Asked Questions


TOP LEVEL DOMAIN (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet (DNS).

THE TOP LEVEL DOMAIN .md ( is the country code-top-level domain name assigned to the Republic of Moldova according to the two letters codes in the ISO 3166-1 list for the representation of names or countries and territories, delegated to .”Information Technology and Cyber Security Service” through the Memorandum of Understanding between ICANN and ”Information Technology and Cyber Security Service” (Manager), dated 02.12.2003, where the Manager is the trustee for

The REGISTRY OF DOMAIN NAMES .md is a database of all domain names, their owners and other persons or domain name information that was created and is owned by "Information Technology and Cyber Security Service". The REGISTRY OF DOMAIN NAMES .md is the source for assigning domain names to the .md zone located on the primary domain name server.

Any natural or legal person who has the right to use a name registered in the TOP LEVEL DOMAIN .md and who is entitled to request, modify and revoke the name registration data in the assigned domain.

A legal person or entity accordingly authorized to carry out the necessary activities to prepare the registration of domain names within the TOP LEVEL DOMAIN .md on the territory for which it is authorized under a contract with the NATIONAL REGISTRY / REGISTRAR to provide registration of domain names for registrants.

The registration process of .md domains is simple and convenient. The REGISTRY OF DOMAIN NAME .md performs the registration on non-discriminatory condition, on "first come, first served" basis if the REGISTRANT has met all registration requirements. In this respect, the date and time of receipt by the REGISTRY system on its website of a complete and technically correct electronic request may be considered for reservation of a domain name. When the registration request is received, the domain name will be automatically booked by the system for a period of 3 calendar days. In the case of errors in the automated reservation of domain names in the system, the processing of domain names will be done at the time of payment or at the manual booking, immediately after the error has been identified. Registration can also be made at "Information Technology and Cyber Security Service" headquarters - Chisinau, Piaţa Marii Adunări Naţionale, 1 street.

Any natural or legal person, irrespective of the country of residence, can register a .md domain name. The domain name registration request is considered by the .md DOMAIN NAME REGISTRY the applicant's warranty that the registration can be done legally and that he is entitled to use the requested domain name.

You do not need a contract. Registration shall take place only after the REGISTRANT has accepted the Terms and Conditions for the registration and administration of domain names within the Top Level Domain ".md" under the stipulated conditions.

A DOMAIN NAME .md can be registered or extended for a period of at least one year to up to 3 years.

A valid REGISTRATION request for a .md DOMAIN NAME must contain current, complete and accurate information about the REGISTRANT, ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT, BILLING CONTACT, AND TECHNICAL CONTACT. If Domain Name Servers are indicated at the time of registration, the information about them must be up-to-date, complete and accurate.

The collection, processing and use of personal data complies with the provisions of the Law of the Protection of Personal Data no. 133 from 08.07.2011. Personal data are processed by Information Technology and Cyber Security Service within the evidence systems no. 0001200-001, no. 0001200-006, registered in the Register of personal data data operators available at By registering a domain name and accepting the .md DOMAIN NAME registration Terms and Conditions, the REGISTRANT authorizes the REGISTRY to process the personal data and other data required for the administration of the Domain Name System. The REGISTRANT explicitly agrees that the REGISTRY will use the data for the purposes of system administration (including the assignment of a domain name, the transfer of a domain name to a new REGISTRANT / REGISTRAR) and may transfer such data to third parties only with the explicit consent of the REGISTRANT or if so is requested by a court, public authority or authorized body in the exercise of their legitimate prerogatives.

By accessing the website of the Registry and entering the domain name in the WHOIS search engine, you will be able to view the following information about the DOMAIN and REGISTRANT:

- Domain name
- The country
- Creation date
- Expiry date
- The status
- Nameservere
- Last DNS update

To secure the title of a domain name REGISTRANT, you must have permanent control over your user account at and the email address indicated as ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT. The REGISTRANT is solely responsible for administering his user account and domain name information and the REGISTRY declines all responsibility for this.

Changing or correcting a spelling error in a DOMAIN NAME .md is not allowed. Once a domain name is registered or extended, the action is deemed to be consumed, the paid fee is not refundable, and the domain name comes in the exclusive use of the REGISTRANT.

This is an internet service that responds to queries with the appropriate information from the zone file.


The annual fee for the registration or extension of a .md domain name is 450 lei MDL. or the USD equivalent at the NBM exchange rate on the day of payment.

You can generate your invoice from your user account on the Registry's website Invoices will also be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the REGISTRANT at the BILLING CONTACT. If the recipient fails to make the payment, the account may be delivered to the domain owner upon request. In any case, the domain owner is responsible for paying the domain registration / renewal fee. The payment for registration will be made not later than 6 days from the date of reservation of the domain name, and for renewal - until its expiration date.

Payment can be made online from your account at, with any type of bank card, via Mpay or offline - by bank transfer.


Changing domain name data can be done from the client's account at or through partners accredited by the Registry.

To delete a domain name before expiration, you must submit a request to the Registry address. The domain name will be deleted as soon as possible or at the indicated date. Once deleted from the DATABASE, the domain name becomes available for a new listing.

The change is made from the client's account on

.MD zone is updating every 2 hours (00:00 ,02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00 GMT+2 Time Zone).

The propagation time is up to 6 hours.

The transfer can be made online upon the request of the transfer code by the Registrant or Registrar, or offline, at the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service headquarters by filling up an appropriate request. In case of transfer, the validity term of the domain name will remain unchanged. The domain that is in dispute or expired can not be transferred.