Start your .MD domain name search here!

Anyone can register a domain name under the Top Level Domain .md
The annual fee is 450 lei ( $ 25.30 )

Easy Management of Domains

As of now it is easier to manage your domains with a friendly and simple interface. You can view all your domains in a single place along with their expiry date, payment and renewal options, ways to modify related data.


We take care that you do not miss the domain renewal date. For one month until expiration, you will receive several notifications at your email address. Even more, now you can generate your own payment account, so that the domain renewal procedure is as simple and fast as possible.

Transfer of Domains

Transfer your domain .md safely and quickly. You can now transfer online to another holder. Request the transfer authorization code directly from your account.

Domain name is a sequence of min.2 and max.63 letters ("a-z"), numbers ("0-9") and hyphens ("-"). Hyphens can not be located at the end or the beginning of a name. A domain name is not case sensitive.