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x  .MD zone is updated at: 02:00, 08:00, 14:00, 20:00 GMT+2
Any changes to your DNS information will take about 24 hours before they take effect.

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x  .MD domain support: 54-52-64
email: support@register.md
x  clients service:: 54-49-59
(Mon - Fri 08:30-17:00)
x  Web hosting: 54-25-05
email: support@host.md

Anyone, organisations or individuals, can register a .md domain.
The annual fee is $39.
Domain name is a sequence of max.63 letters ("a-z"), numbers ("0-9") and hyphens ("-").
Hyphens can not be located at the end or the beginning of a name.
A domain name is not case sensitive.

Check availability:
      www. .md  

Payment:    VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer, cash

ATTENTION:    - Payment for the domain name shall be made until the expiry date.
- New registration must be paid in three(3) days.
- You can not register, if you have unpaid (new) domain.

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