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Any changes to your DNS information will take about 24 hours before they take effect.

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    Terms and Conditions for the registration and administration of domain names under the Top Level Domain ".md",
    in force since 25 January 2018

Published 15.01.2018

Anyone, organisations or individuals, can register a .md domain.
The annual fee is $39.
Domain name is a sequence of max.63 letters ("a-z"), numbers ("0-9") and hyphens ("-").
Hyphens can not be located at the end or the beginning of a name.
A domain name is not case sensitive.

Check availability:
      www. .md  

Payment:    VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer, cash

ATTENTION:    - Payment for the domain name shall be made until the expiry date.
- New registration must be paid in three(3) days.
- You can not register, if you have unpaid (new) domain.

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